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The Truth About Auto Loans

The most important aspect you need to recognize about auto loans: You do not need to finance your new car from the dealership. There are hundreds of alternative lending options available. In most cases, dealerships will inflated their interest rates several percent. Financing auto loans is a big part of how dealerships make their money, so obviously they have to profit from their lending. However, researching online auto loans to find better rates can save you money.

SLP Capital Auto Loan Features

At SLP Capital, we have the best auto loan rates available. Thousands of satisfied customers have already discovered the great rates we can offer. We work hard with creditable lenders to find these rates, and then directly provide them to you. Don't let yourself be coerced into financing with your dealer. Make sure to browse through our rates and apply before agreeing to a dealership offer.

Did you know...

If you already are financing a car and paying interest rates higher than the current market, you have the option to refinance your auto loan. By refinancing, you can save thousands of dollars. Many consumers don't utilize this option and end up overpaying for their auto loans. Make sure to check interest rates often to see if it would be beneficial for you to refinance.

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