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Find great rates with the help of our expert staff at SLP Capital! We offer top of the line financial services for all your needs.
Specializing in a variety of financial services, we offer the best rates for personal loans, mortgages, auto loans and more!
SLP Capital has been serving satisfied customers for almost a decade
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Since 1997, SLP Capital has been a benchmark for quality online financial services. Started by experienced financial executives, SLP Capital has earned its reputation for being professional and reliable. We serve as a continuously growing resource network for individuals seeking personal loans, mortgages, auto solutions and credit offers to augment their current financial standing. At SLP Capital, we take pride in our mission to find the best financial solutions for our valued customers. For optimal success, SLP Capital works with top-name financial providers and institutions in order to effective service every single customer's unique financial need. Award-winning customer satisfaction has allowed SLP Capital to become one of the highest rated online financial service providers - give us a try today and we're confident that you'll agree!

SLP Capital Secure Transactions

At SLP Capital, our expert staff understands concern with online transaction security. Even through the constant changes in technology, we stay up to the minute on safety feature advancements. Our primary goal is making sure your personal information is as protected as possible. We ensure full security through all of our online forms and applications.

Our Services

Unsecured Personal Loans
Offering no credit check options for short-term personal loans. Receive a cash advance on your paycheck and repay the loan on your next payday.

Mortgage Services
We help search for low interest rates and help calculate possible mortgage rates and options.

Professional Auto Solutions
Finance new and previously owned cars with competitive interest rates.

Credit Resource Center
Explore the various types of credit options available for other purposes.

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What's New: SLP Capital now offers new, lower rates on mortgages and auto financing.